Laboratory Injuries

What to do if you are injured in a laboratory

If it is a life threatening emergency, call 9-911 and request an ambulance


For a non life threatening injury: 

♦  If not on payroll (non-employee), notify your supervisor, safety officer (Nikolai Evdokimov), or MSO (Heather Gardner) and seek treatment at Student Health Services.

♦  If on payroll (employee as staff, postdoc, graduate student researcher, TA or undergraduate student researcher), notify your supervisor, workers' compensation specialist (Leticia Martinez, (805) 893-4440,, safety officer (Nikolai Evdokimov), or MSO (Heather Gardner)  


If you are unsure about your status, see this memo, or contact:

Workers' Compensation Manager

Elena Grozeva,, o. (805) 893-2029


Contact info for Worker's Comp claims can be found at: