Near Miss Reporting

Near Miss Reporting



A near miss is a safety related incident that does not cause personal injury, damage to equipment or buildings, or require the discharge of a fire extinguisher.  If any of the above has occurred, please call the EH&S 24 hour hotline at X3194  (805-893-3194), or 9-911 for emergencies.


Why document Near Misses?: 

Documenting near misses provides a mechanism to get EH&S issues communicated and addressed, and, most importantly, serves as an educational tool for all of our colleagues.  With the permission from the reporting individual, the incident and what we can learn from it will be compiled into a safety memo for distribution around campus.  This will help prevent others from potentially getting hurt or unintentionally causing harm to others!  The reporter’s identity will remain anonymous.

Your name and contact information are not required, therefore complete anonymity is possible.  If you do choose to enter your personal information, this will help us in learning the root causes of the incident and thereby increase the amount of learning achievable.


Click here to access Near Miss Reporting Form