Laboratory Safety Training Resources

Laboratory Safety Training Resources


"Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety" Course

Completion of "Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety" is required for all researchers PRIOR to beginning work in the lab.  The course can be taken live or on-line. 

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Training Needs Assessment Form

 Under California law and UC policy, lab supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their workers have received documented safety training.  Training can be formal or informal, and individual or group-based.  The Training Needs Assessment form serves two purposes relative to this requirement:

1.  A place to complete a training needs assessment for each supervisee to first identify what training is appropriate for that individual.  This assessment is required per the 2013 UC Policy:  Laboratory Safety Training.

2.  A place to document the training as it is completed.

Click here to download the Training Needs Assessment form


On-Line Training Library

There are a number of online training modules available to serve as a supplement to in-lab training.  Topics covered include: Work Practices and Controls, Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, Physical Hazards Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Response.  A library has been compiled by EH&S and is located here:


Online Training Library for Laboratory Safety


Prudent Practices in the Laboratory

Another valuable free resource is Prudent Practices in the Laboratory by the National Research Council.  This publication is referenced extensively in OSHA and Cal/OSHA regulations:


Prudent Practices in the Laboratory:  Handling and Management of Chemical Hazards