Administrative Resources

Administrative Resources:

General Forms



Concur Travel/Reimbursement Login

Employee Use Only: For processing all reimbursement requests and submitting expense reports for payment

Travel and Expense Resource Notes and Videos

Instructions on submitting reimbursements to Chem Admin

Receipts requirements

Meal Limits
Light Refreshments
Travel Per Diem
**Alcohol, Tax and tip is also included in this dollar figure

Domestic Travel Worksheet

(For Guest Visitors) Reimbursement of domestic travel expense:  submit with receipts

Foregin Travel Worksheet

Reimbursement of foreign travel expense:  submit with receipts

Declaration of Immigration Status by Non-U.S. Citizens

Reimbursement of entertainment and/or travel expense incurred by non-resident; Payment of honoraria

Declaration of Missing Evidence

Reimbursement of expense if original receipts are not available

Gateway Campus Procurement System: Used for most purchases to avoid need for personal reimbursements

Copy Request Form

To be submitted with copy requests

Student Support Change Request


For changes to student support after quarterly deadlines have passed and student support plans have been locked.

Proposal Submission Request Form 

Completion of this form is required to initiate the C&G proposal support process for all sponsored project opportunities.

Seminar/Colloquium Request Form

Faculty Use Only: For requesting a visitor to come speak at DCB's weekly seminar series or monthly colloquium 

Online Gus Access

To access DCB controlled projects in a PI's name. To gain access from off-campus, a user must be signed into a campus approved VPN client.