Professional Development

ChemPD, Winter 2020

Nnamdi Akporji, Aneta Jelowicki, Saejin Oh, Vani Singhania, Allison Abdilla, Karen Tsay, Olivia Hwang, Joseph Kincaid

CSSS 2019-2020 Committee

Joshua Straub, Jamie Shaum, Aneta Jelowicki, Claire Tran, Kendrick Nguyen, Maša Podunavac, Evan Janzen

Organizers of Career Day 2019

Left to Right: Olivia Hwnag, Jeff Carmichael, Ben Luginbuhl, Prof. Songi Han, India Madden 

Professional Development for Graduate Students

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is dedicated to supporting our students on identifying and meeting academic and career goals during graduate school and for success after. In addition to support from UCSB Career Services and the Graduate Student Resource Center, the department offers additional opportunities to help you assess and improve your skills, values and interests, and explore career options.


Career Day

Chemical Sciences Student Seminar (CSSS)

Graduate Student for Diversity in Science (GSDS)

This year, the department is implementing the Individual Development Plan (IDP). An Individual Development Plan is a dynamic document completed by graduate students that communicates their academic goals to their advisors as well as identifies career goals and sets a path to help students be successful in graduate school and beyond.

We encourage our students to communicate their goals to their advisors and peers, and take the time to explore the options available.