Strategic Action Plan

CDEI has developed the DCB’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP) which is organized into 3 categories: Faculty/Staff (FS) Initiatives; Student Affairs (SA) Initiatives, and; Curriculum (C) Initiatives. The SAP and its stated goals was developed based on various feedback, including: the DCB’s Anti-Racism townhall discussion held on 8/13/20; the DCB townhall hosted by CDEI on 12/10/20; the DCB’s 2020 program review panel (PRP) report and survey data therein; two faculty meetings held on 12/8/20 and 3/2/21; two faculty ad hoc committees who reviewed and commented on the document in March, 2021; several faculty-emailed comments and suggestions, and; through various solicited and unsolicited conversations and information from various DCB stakeholders. The SAP is divided into each of the CDEI subcommittees which are tasked with meeting these goals. A graphical summary of the SAP is provided here. Any member of the DCB (students, staff, faculty) can view the full SAP by requesting a copy from the CDEI Chair at