Robert Lewis



Organic Chemistry


PhD Chemistry, UCSB, Fall 2017


After getting his B.A. in chemistry in beautiful San Diego at UCSD, Robert decided to ignore the advice of his peers and apply to graduate school. Being of Southern California, his frail, fragile frame could not survive in the harsher climates of the rest of the country so he moved up the coast to Sunny Santa Barbara and is currently studying to get his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at UCSB. His first 3 years of research involved looking into new methods to create carbon-nitrogen bonds using nitroso compounds with Javier Read de Alaniz. He is currently bringing his synthetic know-how to the Butler group. While he enjoys research, his real passion is teaching.  When he's not slaving away in the chemistry labs, Robert enjoys cycling, running, swimming, climbing, brewing beer, cooking, playing video and board games, and spending time doing all those things with friends.