Chemistry Professional Development


ChemPD, Winter 2020

Nnamdi Akporji, Aneta Jelowicki, Saejin Oh, Vani Singhania, Allison Abdilla, Karen Tsay, Olivia Hwang, Joseph Kincaid

Students attending Career Day Crash Course workshop

2019 Chemistry Career Day 


Chemistry Professional Development (ChemPD) is a cohort of senior graduate students in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (DCB) working together with several faculty members and departmental administrators to provide Professional Development opportunities for students. ChemPD will help generate, and participate in, professional development seminars and other events with industry professionals. We will also host resumé and CV workshops, an annual ChemPD-organized Career Fair, as well as help spread awareness of relevant on-campus career events. Our aim is to build a base of knowledge and support for senior DCB graduate students to answer common questions and to help guide them along their chosen career path, or to help them expand their career options. ChemPD, above all, is a support network and cohort of students with a common goal that will meet regularly to discuss our personal experiences, challenges, and questions we have with the job application process, as well as to plan and organize upcoming ChemPD events. Finally, ChemPD will serve as the point of contact and liaison between industry, DCB graduate students, and career services on campus to maximize both career development opportunities for students as well as recruitment opportunities for industry.

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