COVID-19 Information

UCSB Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Information

and Direction for Employees

Departmental Update September 14, 2020


  • All administrative staff employees are working remotely off campus. Only critical and essential employees supporting the on-going operations of the department will be present on campus to perform their job duties.
  • Effective September 14th, transition to a new version of the daily COVID-19 screening process. Authorized personnel should self enroll here: self-enroll in this new survey. Any new staff or research individual needs to be authorized to be on campus by his/her supervisor or faculty PI. ONLY personnel approved by the building committee who are working in space that has been approved to be open should be enrolling in the survey and reporting to campus.
  • You will receive daily auto-generated email to complete a COVID-19 Symton Survey at home BEFORE coming to campus. The survey is a short set of YES or NO questions and will also provide you with guidance to available resources if you should respond affirmatively to any of the questions. One question will ask if you are scheduled to go to work that day or not, and if the answer is NO, you are still encouraged to monitor your health. Please complete this survey every day you plan to come to campus and do not come to campus if you’re feeling unwell. 
  • COVID-19 Return to Work Training MANDATORY for anyone authorized to work on campus
  • Beginning November 1, 2020, flu vaccinations are mandatory for everyone living, working or learning at a UC campus during the 2020-21 flu season. This will be free if it is administered on campus. Go here for FAQs and here for upcoming information.


  • UC paid leave provisions as of March 16th
  • The Administrative office will remain LOCKED (Bldg 232 admin trailer).
  • Departmental meeting rooms will remain LOCKED.  They will only be used for online instruction/review sessions in the spring quarter.  By now, group meetings and office hours should be transitioned to Zoom meetings.
  • Staff who meet with students/faculty/visitors/new employees, etc. will utilize remote work technologies including telephone, email, Google Chat, and Zoom conferencing ( to communicate with each other or hold meetings. DocuSign will be utilized for obtaining required signatures when needed. All University employees and students can utilize DocuSign with their UCSBnetID and password.
  • Mail Delivery and Pick Up
    Mail Services is under-staffed and has discontinued daily mail delivery and pick-up on campus. DCB staff member Trevor Bellefeiulle is providing twice weekly mail delivery and pick-up on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons only. If you have a timely piece of mail placed in the outgoing bin, please email Trevor ( to let him know.
  • ­­­­­­­Research Storeroom:
    • Storeroom is OPEN by appointment for pick up. Please email Trevor, Adrian, AND Cabe (all 3 to make sure your message is seen) to coordinate a time to pick up; one of them will be in daily till noon.
    • Receiving REVISED Hours:  Open daily till noon and emails will be sent for package pick up
    • Shipping REVISED Hours:  Closed except in emergency need.  Email Trevor Bellefeuille  prior to bringing shipment to the Storeroom
    • Purchasing questions and support will be available from Adrian Shelor (ext. 8771).
  • DCB Machine & Glass Blowing Shops:
    • The Professional Machine Shop and Glass Blowing Shop will continue to provide service to the campus utilizing primarily email communication.  Jobs will be LIMITED to essential research and facilities jobs only.
    • If additional discussion on a job order is needed beyond email, a Zoom meeting must be scheduled in advance.
    • Contact the shop regarding pick up and drop off location for parts, materials, and drawings
  • DCB Research Recharge Facilities (NMR, X-Ray, Mass Spec, and Optical Characterization)
    • Officially closed. Please email the managers of these facilities IF critical and essential orders or pick up of orders are needed.