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Departmental Fellowships and Awards 

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry (Faculty Nominated) awards a personalized certification and a letter of commendation signed by the Chair of the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry, Jim Boncella. 

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry (Faculty Nominated) awards a letter of recognition from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and an award certificate signed by the division chair, as well as a one year free membership (or Affiliate membership, if the student is not an ACS member) to the Organic Division for all the awardees. 

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry (Faculty Nominated) awards a subscription to the journal Analytical Chemistry and honorary membership to an outstanding student in analytical chemistry who has finished the junior year by August.

American Institute of Chemists (Faculty Nominated) awards a certificate to an outstanding senior majoring in Chemistry.

DeWolfe Undergraduate Fellowship (Faculty Nominated) provides a stipend to students to enable them to pursue organic research during summer months at UCSB.

Lucas Ransom Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate Chemistry major entering their junior or senior year. 

McRary Prize in Chemistry is given to a graduating senior whose work in chemistry reflects the promise of outstanding scientific achievement.