Research Areas - Theory and Computation

Research Areas - Theory and Computation

The theoretical chemistry group at UCSB is interested in a wide variety of fields ranging from the electronic structure of small molecules and polymers to developing methods for simulating quantum and statistical dynamics to surface science and to biochemistry at both the molecular and cellular level. The unique interdisciplinary nature of the UCSB campus coupled with the presence of the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) and strong theoretical programs within the chemistry, physics and engineering departments on campus makes for an incredibly diverse and vibrant theoretical chemistry community at UCSB.

Theoretical Faculty

  • Donald Aue

    Small molecule reaction mechanisms
  • Frank Brown

    Biophysics, single/few molecule statistics
  • Glenn Fredrickson (Dept. of Chemical Eng.)

    Statistical mechanics, polymer physics
  • Bernard Kirtman

    Polymeric nonlinear optical properties, heterogeneous catalysis
  • Walter Kohn

    Condensed matter chemical physics
  • Horia Metiu

    Statistical and quantum dynamics, surface science
  • Baron Peters

    Chemical Kinetics, Activated Processes, Catalysis
  • Philip Pincus (Dept. of Materials and Physics)

    Statistical mechanics, biophysics
  • Joan Shea

    Molecular biochemistry, biophysics, statistical mechanics

Departmental Seminars

ITP Seminars