Courses in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Course offerings for undergraduate and graduate students span all of the established areas of chemistry (biochemistry, inorganic, materials, organic, and physical) while also reflecting the collaborative, interdisciplinary nature of ongoing faculty research projects.  A complete list of courses and their detailed descriptions, is available in the UCSB General Catalog. For quarterly course offerings, please consult the Schedule of Classses - Class Search or GOLD (for current students). 

Below is a listing of undergraduate courses being offered during the 2018-2019 academic year. This proposed schedule is subject to change, so please check back when planning each quarter's schedule.


1A General Chemistry  X X X  
1AL General Chemistry Lab X X X  
2A Honors General Chemistry X      
1B General Chemistry   X X X (SS C)
1BL General Chemistry Lab   X X X (SS C)
2B Honors General Chemistry   X    
2BC Honors General Chemistry Lab   X    
1C General Chemistry X   X X (SS C)
1CL General Chemistry Lab X   X X (SS C)
2C Honors General Chemistry      X  
2CC Honors General Chemistry Lab     X  
6AL Org Chem Lab Methods X X X X (SS C)
6BL Org Chem Lab Methods X X X X (SS C)
6BH/CH Org Chem Indep. Research X X X  
6CL Org Chem Lab Methods X   X  
102 Chemistry in the Community (Education) X      
109A Organic Chemistry X X X X (SS C)
109AH Honors Organic Chemistry X      
109B Organic Chemistry X X X  
109BH Honors Organic Chemistry   X    
109C Organic Chemistry X


X X (SS C)
109CH Honors Organic Chemistry     X  
110 Intro to Chemical Appl. Group Theory   X    
110L Intro Biochem Lab X      
111 Chemical Kinetics     X  
112A Biophysical Chemistry X      
112B Biophysical Chemistry   X    
112C Biophysical Chemistry     X  
112L Biophysical and Bioanalytical Lab     X  
113A Physical Chemistry X      
113B Physical Chemistry   X    
113C Physical Chemistry     X  
115A Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry X      
115B Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry   X    
115C Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry     X  
116AL Analytical and Physical Methods Lab   X    
116BL Advanced Physical Chemistry Lab     X  
116CL Inorganic Synthesis Lab X      
117A Statistical Mechanics X      
123 Environmental Chemistry   X    
124 Organic Spectroscopic Analysis X      
125L Lab Techniques in Biochemistry   X    
126 Computation Chemistry and Molecular modeling   X    
127 Structure & Reactivity in Org Chemistry   X    
128 Organic Reaction Mechanisms     X  
129 Synthetic Organic Reactions X      
132 Organometallics in Organic Synthesis     X  
142A Biochemistry X      
142B Biochemistry   X    
142C Biochemistry     X  
143 The RNA World X      
145 Computational Biochemistry     X  
148 DNA&RNA NanoSyntBio     X  
150 Analytical Chemistry X     X (SS B)
153 Advanced Analytical Chemistry   X    
154A Magnetic Resonance in Bio Systems  X      
171 Bioinorganic Chemistry   X    
173A Advanced Inorganic Chemistry X     X (SS A)
173B Advanced Inorganic Chemistry   X    
175 Physical-Inorganic Chemistry     X  
176 Photochemical & Photophysical Prop     X  
183 Intro to Teaching in Chemistry X X X  
196 Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry   X    
W 109C Organic Chemistry (online)   X    
W 142A Biochemistry (online) X     X (SS B)

SS - Summer Sessions A, B and C -

INSTRUCTORS: To request a new course webpage be created for your course, you or one of your TA's must attend a 1 hour training course for GauchoSpace hosted by Instructional Development. If you already have a course web page in your home directory on the Chem web server, or other location, and need a link posted for the current quarter, please email the webmaster.